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mountain bike pedals

The best mountain bike pedals for comfort and performance

When it comes to mountain biking, the pedals are an essential component that can significantly impact your comfort and performance. Choosing the correct type of mountain bike pedal is crucial, as there are three main options: clipless pedals, platform pedals, and flat pedals. Clipless...

mountain biking for seniors

The benefits of mountain biking for seniors

Mountain biking is an activity that is rapidly growing in popularity among all age groups, including seniors. Not only is it an enjoyable and engaging way to spend time outdoors, but mountain biking also offers a wide variety of health benefits that can be especially beneficial to older...

recover from injury

Recovering from a Serious Mountain Biking Injury

Mountain biking is an activity that many people engage in, whether for leisure or competition. Unfortunately, with any physical activity comes the risk of injury. For those serious about mountain biking, an injury can be brutal to recover if it is severe enough. So, if you’re...